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Patients in Israel often consult with doctors in the USA, UK and other English speaking countries.
In order to review their cases, these doctors usually request a translation of the medical records into English.
Patients who have suffered from prolonged illness have often undergone multiple and extensive investigations and treatments and possess a large volume of paperwork documenting their medical history.
Doctors abroad usually prefer an accurate and succinct summary of the salient points in the medical history rather than a word for word translation of tens or even hundreds of pages of documents, often including many repetitions and extraneous material.

Dr. Miriam Pepys-Vered has therefore developed her unique medical record summary service for the doctors abroad who requested more succinct documentation for the patients coming to them from Israel. 
Medical translators who are not medically qualified and experienced are not able to undertake such a service as they cannot take responsibility for deciding what material in the documentation is relevant and what can be summarized or omitted.
In contrast, Dr. Pepys-Vered approaches her medical translation work from the unique perspective of a highly qualified and experienced physician as well as an adept linguist.
She not only prepares accurate and comprehensive reports including all relevant medical details, she also undertakes a simultaneous case review and often brings errors or confusion within the documentation to the attention of the patient and their Israeli doctors. 

You and your family are making an incredible effort to get the best medical care available. Dr. Pepys-Vered's case summary service is an essential part of this effort. It will facilitate a smooth consultation with the expert doctors abroad, and ensure you receive the best possible treatment.

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